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The International CROP Walk for Hunger

   Join the Emmet Dems' Team for the 2014 walk on SaturdayJune 28th. 


Upcoming Events

  • August 2016 Executive Board Meeting
    Aug 09,2016

    The Emmet Democratic Committee's Executive Board will meet at the Waterfront Resource Center. Your executive committee welcomes any member of the Emmet Dems to attend with co...


  • County Convention
    Aug 13,2016

     The Emmet County Democratic Committee summer convention will be held on Saturday, August 13, 2016 at 924 Emmet St. Petoskey.  The purpose of the convention is to draft resolutions to be forwarded to the Michigan Democratic Par...


  • 2016 Charlevoix-Emmet County Fair
    Aug 22,2016

    Democrats will again have a booth at the County Fair in Petoskey.  This election year critical to the presidental contest, Democrats' retention of our Senate majority and gaining back seats in the House. Check...


  • County Fair
    Aug 22,2016

     The Emmet/Charlevoix County Fair will be held August 22-27.  The Emmet Dems will have a tent and will distribute candidate literature and signs, provide information on voter registration and absentee ballots and generally pr...


  • 2016 Campaign Office Opening
    Sep 01,2016

     Emmet Dems will be opening a campaign office in Petoskey some time in September prior to the November 2016 election.  Check back here for details about where and when.