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Sat, Sep 15, 2012
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Sturgeon Bay Beach Clean-up

This Saturday 9/15 we are going back to the beach to take part in the annual international cleanup that is co-sponsored by the Ocean Alliance and the Alliance for the Great Lakes. The weather looks great for our work day. 10 am will be a bit cool but the temperature should get up to the high 60s or even 70. The northern part of Sturgeon Bay has a wide beach to walk. We will break up in 2 or 3 groups and get the job done by about 12:30 pm.

We have one van that will take 6 of us north to Wilderness State Park. We are leaving from Pat Sehr's home at 8:45 am. There's room for one more in that vehicle and then we will happily fill up another car! If we all chip in $3-$4, gas will be covered and most of us can sit back and be chauffeured. Bring a sack lunch for yourself so we can eat together on the beach when the cleanup is finished. If you have work gloves bring those with you. I have some gloves plus all the other supplies needed.

Call me to arrange carpooling at 348-7576. See you at the beach on Saturday! Sharyn Hansen


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